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Would you love to be able to have the time, knowledge and opportunities to build an amazing career through your music and songs?


  • Have you written a bunch of songs but don't know what to do with them?
  • Do you want to increase your song craft and become a great songwriter? Perhaps a Hit songwriter?
  • Do you feel limited by not knowing the right people or avenues to get your songs out there?
  • Are you looking for collaborators, such as a co-writer, musicians, lyricists or singers?
  • Are you looking for more resources and tools to "up your game" as a successful songwriter or composer?

The music business is tough. 

Becoming a successful songwriter on your own is not impossible, it's just hard. Don't worry, it's not your fault.

How can you expect to stand out from the crowd?

How can you be heard in a sea of writers and artists all knocking on the same doors?

It takes guts and stamina, laser-like focus... and honing your talent.

But you don't have to do this alone.

Having the tool, resources and a community can make a whole lot easier.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a successful, abundant life, from your songwriting, without having to work the 9-5...

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day and focus solely on the thing you love...

Imagine being surrounded by supportive, encouraging kindred songwriters, who understand who you are, what you're trying to do, and can HELP you in your journey as much as you can help theirs...

Imagine meeting the right people in the music business to give you feedback and, more importantly, take you to the next level...

Welcome to Songsalive!

At over 4,500 members, and active since the late nineties - we do the craft and business of songwriting well.

What sets us apart is we have a large global community of songwriters, the only true international, cross borders, cross countries, non-profit organization for songwriters. At the same time we provide PERSONAL one-on-one service. We are here for you. We get to know you, get to know your songs, and get to know your needs. And you are surrounded by kindred songwriters taking the journey with you.

Songsalive!, run by volunteer songwriters for songwriters, is an official non-profit 501c)3) public benefit charity organization, and is dedicated to advancing and supporting YOU the songwriter, composer. We've been going for 20 years! That shows longevity. You can sign up easily and try it out with instant access, and as it's month to month, you may cancel any time. Heck, we've stuck around, maybe you'll stay a while too. Looking forward to supporting your songwriting dream!

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As an official Non-Profit 501c)3 public benefit charity, our Mission is to "Encourage and foster all genres of original music and song expression within our songwriters' communities, in order to support and promote songwriters and composers worldwide, through critique workshops, showcases, events, educational seminars, conferences, and programs with continued development, annual reviews and expansion."

In short, our goal is to advance songwriters and composers globally. We provide social community, connection, support, opportunities, promotion and education, that elevate you as a writer, and give life to your songs.

Our Team live around the world and are all volunteers. We take our non-profit 501c)3 charity status seriously: our organization lives on passion

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Take Songsalive! on-the-go with you

  • get feedback on your songs
  • collaborate with other songwriters
  • up your songcraft and music business knowledge
  • find other members
  • pitch to leads looking for for songs in film, TV, ads, games & more.

"I can say confidently that Songsalive! has been one of the premier songwriting associations in the world, and this is even more so today. An important resource and friend to any songwriter or singer/songwriter out there looking for help and assistance from their own peers."
Alan Roy Scott, Motown Songwriter and International Music Entrepreneur 

What members say

It's great to be a part of this songwriting community and share our work. It's a place to meet other creative people like myself and be inspired to continue do what we like doing: writing great lyrics and songs. 
- Nikkisha Collicutt

I find the group encouraging and supportive. It has been an opportunity to make connections with other songwriters.
- Nancy Kelel

Help with inspiration, making better songs and networking with professional songwriters, publishers and agents.
- John N.

Songwriters like myself need a place like 
Songsalive to call home! 
- Todd Bird

I am always impressed by Songsalive!'s high caliber of guest speakers. They always offer great success strategies and positive critiques.
- John P.

I love the new app because it works perfect if you have a busy schedule. 👍🏼 I can spend a lot more time here now because I don’t have to be in front of a PC.  
- Mark Watts

The support that Songsalive! gives to songwriters is great. Songsalive! is a fantastic organization for songwriters.  Lots of great opportunities and ways to learn the craft and business!
- James Keen

The spirit and energy of Songsalive! is great.   And genuine desire to help songmakers find avenues of expression and income is terrific. 
-Sabrina and Craig

Great place to network to promote the love and business of music.
-Susan B.

If you write songs, and would like to hear what other songwriters do,and get a cross section of good solid ideas for you and your music,this is an excellent way to see if others enjoy your music,and get helpful ideas to improve it.
- Bobby Ray K.

Songsalive! is a valuable network to anyone who wants to perform, create and work in the music industry" - Anna Gosset Johnson

We offer these benefits, tailored to songwriters and those who support songwriters

As much as we pride ourselves to be the ONLY International non-profit social network tailored for songwriters online, we also offer:

exclusive access to resources and opportunities

Exclusive access to our online "backstage": dedicated to our Members, where you can gain resources, tools, collaboration and opportunities.

Exclusive access to our mobile app: (available for both IOS and Android phones and tablets) so you can take us wherever you go.

collaboration & support

Collaborative support group: access to contribute to, and receive support from, our exclusive member group made up of songwriters, composers, musicians, artists,... and... music business professionals.

events for songwriters

In-person and online live workshops: - to gain song critique and feedback from your peers, learn more, and answer all your questions. Polish your songwriting craft and music biz knowledge, with special guest music business professionals ready to empower you with knowledge or may be looking for songs for their next project. Come to a Songsalive! Song Critique Workshop or find out about some awesome networking and learning events in your community.

performance opportunities

Opportunity to perform: at our multitude of Songwriter Showcases across the globe, and we also connect you with many performance opportunities, music jobs and gigs. 

make money from your songs

Get your songs out there: Get song leads where music business professionals (record labels, publishers, film producers and music supervisors) hunt songs from the Songsalive! song pool. Also, listings of cool gigs, jobs, music and marketing opportunities. We give you the contact directly. No screeners, no walls. Direct songwriter to business pitch.

get feedback from your songs

SongShare: Be in the comfort of your living room and post your song so other members (songwriters, and music professionals) can provide the feedback you are looking for. Receive critique, give critique and INSPIRE. Other members and music business professionals are ready to give your songs critique and feedback ON A DAILY BASIS.

songshare response example shot.png

songshare topic shot.png

Music business professionals looking for songs are always lurking... Your songs and you can be accessed by other members and music industry professionals looking for that hit song. WHEN THE HUNT IS ON, SONGSALIVE! IS A ONE-STOP SONG SHOP.

polish your songcraft and music business knowledge

Discover SONGCRAFT: Take control of your learning and power up with some light and heavy reading! Self-service access to some of the best songwriting and music biz articles as well watch videos from our Master teachers. Topics include songwriting structure, lyric writing, songwriting opportunities overseas, publishing, producing, getting songs placed in Film and TV, and so much more. Plus, we offer a multitude of training videos and podcasts that inspire, uplift and engage you. New videos added regularly. More Songcraft content is added the longer you remain as a member.

find collaborators and resources

Hop in to MARKETPLACE: Looking for a collaborator? Looking for a gig? Looking for a place to crash on tour? Offering a gig? Offering co-writing time? Offering a couch? Offering something that can help another? Post what you have and need. It's just one giant marketplace just for songwriters.

be in the know

The latest songwriting business news, song opportunities, event notices and random coolness delivered to your inbox, in our 'Backstage' or/or via mobile notifications.

Join - 7 day free trial!!!

For a Limited Time, our Membership is less than $9/month, just $99/year for a 1 year membership.  Cancel anytime. Many of our songwriters renew year after year as part of their lifelong pursuit of songwriting excellence.

Your membership provides you access to our online portal (desktop) and/or IOS/Android Mobile App for on-the-go, plus all the perks and programs above.

MEMBERSHIP is open to all lovers of music. The focused core membership base are songwriters and composers. Singers, musicians, music industry* and supporters of the Arts and Music are also welcome.

+ 10 day money back guarantee

We know that 20 years up our belt of promoting and supporting songwriters and composers makes us a very well-oiled, top-class organization with lots of street cred. But you may not know that. We also realize that the music business is a tough industry that's ready to spit out artists and writers without even a "hello". We stand by our ethics, knowledge and community- building, and that's why we give you 7 days for us to WOW you (free trial) + if you don't like us in the first 10 days we'll refund your full subscription.

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(* Music industry looking to be guest speakers or who can provide opportunities for songs & songwriters are encouraged to join our network. For special sponsorship and advertising packages please email [email protected]).

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