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Why Songsalive!?

We bring together a community of innovative and passionate songwriters, composers, and lyricists around the world to share our songwriting journeys, so that we can inspire each other and refine our craft, gain feedback from music industry professionals, learn the steps from inspiring music entrepreneurs, resulting in powerful compositions that tell emotional stories and are launched to the world's music markets

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and membership are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your songwriting career and creative life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Songsalive!:

  • Improve your songwriting craft and skills through shared learning and receiving valuable feedback from music industry professionals
  • Connect and collaborate with innovative, passionate songwriters, composers, and lyricists from around the world, refining your craft through shared experiences.
  • Learn the ropes of the songwriting business from successful music entrepreneurs, music business professionals and world-class songwriters, ultimately culminating in powerful songs that reach worldwide music markets.
  • Gain insight with our on-demand content, events and community, and further your ability to craft emotional storytelling compositions.

When You Join Today

When you join Songsalive! today, you’ll get access to our:

  • ‘Backstage’ community - Connect and engage with a network of innovative and passionate songwriters, composers and lyricists, refining your craft through shared experiences.
  • Live Feedback Sessions: Engage in real-time online and in-person songwriting workshops with guest speakers - music industry professionals, during which you can get constructive feedback and critique on your compositions and songs. This interaction provides a valuable opportunity to refine your work based on expert opinion and gain insights into the music industry's expectations. 
  • Songwriting Events: Attend special events hosted by successful music business and songwriting entrepreneurs who have launched songs in film, television, music services, and major music markets. By witnessing these professionals' journeys, members can gain a first-hand understanding of the path towards successful music entrepreneurship, thereby gaining motivation and insightful strategies for their own career paths and ultimately monetizing your music passions.
  • Songwriting ‘Songcraft’ Masterclasses: Participate in our specialized songwriting courses and virtual videos on-demand formulated by Songsalive! with our guest music industry speakers and master teachers. You will learn the in-depth techniques and mechanisms of creating profound lyrics, coupled with immersive music and life-changing music career strategies. ‘Songsalive! Songcraft’ not only enhances your songwriting craft/skillset but also enriches your understanding of the music industry, from a songwriter and composer perspective.
  • Unique Songwriting Collaborations - Engage with other songwriters, composers and lyricists in exclusive songwriting challenges, bootcamps and co-writing events (‘The Songsalive! Songcamp’) to up level your mastery and gain invaluable co-writing opportunities + new songwriting friends!

Songsalive! is more than another subscription.

Since 1997, Songsalive!'s Non-Profit mission as a public benefit educational charity foundation is to advance and empower songwriters and composers globally. Our Membership platform offers social community, connection, support, opportunities and education, that elevates you as a writer, and gives life to your songs.

What sets us apart is we have a large global community of songwriters, the only true international - cross borders - cross countries - non-profit organization for songwriters. At the same time we provide PERSONAL one-on-one service. We are here for you. We get to know you, get to know your songs, and get to know your needs. And you are surrounded by kindred songwriters, composers and lyricists taking the journey with you in our amazing platform (web & mobile).

We also raise awareness on the importance of songwriter rights in the music business. We projects to elevate humanity through the power of music and song, and is dedicated to advancing and supporting YOU the songwriter, composer. 

Heck, we've been going since 1997! Songsalive! has been around for 25 years! That's shows longevity.  We know this business and we know what makes a songwriter ‘tick’. 

In short, our mission is to elevate you as a writer, and give life to your songs. Our Songsalive! are veterans in the music business, and successful songwriters themselves, who 'walk the talk and live and breath songwriting success. 

If you're serious about your songwriting, Songsalive! is the perfect community for you. Join today and start taking your songwriting to the next level!

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Songsalive! has been an incredible resource for me as a songwriter. I've learned so much from the other members and the industry professionals I've met through the community. I highly recommend Songsalive! to any songwriter who is serious about their craft.  I find the group encouraging and supportive.  It has been an opportunity to make connections with other songwriters.
- Nancy Kelel, Songsalive! Member and 2020 Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year. Listen from Nancy herself below:


I can say confidently that Songsalive! has been one of the premier songwriting associations in the world, and this is even more so today. An important resource and friend to any songwriter or singer/songwriter out there looking for help and assistance from their own peers.
- Alan Roy Scott, Motown Songwriter,  International Music Entrepreneur 

SONGSALIVE ROCKS!! 😍 Songsalive is responsible for getting me a contact with pop up music in the UK that has proven to be a fantastic company. They got me a high end commercial ad placement right away. What's also very exciting to me, is a new placement on a great new 2021 version of "The wonder years"(Disney, abc TV). My song was also used at the screening of the pilot of the THE WONDER YEARS - which was held at Martha’s Vineyard. African American Film Festival (MVAAFF) during opening night of their festival. Plus I have more placements happening soon on major networks, all thanks to Songsalive!
- John Covert, Songsalive! songwriter

Songwriters like myself need a place like Songsalive to call home! 
- Todd Bird

I am always impressed by Songsalive!'s high caliber of guest speakers. They always offer great success strategies and positive critiques.
- John P.

I love the new app because it works perfect if you have a busy schedule. 👍🏼 I can spend a lot more time here now because I don’t have to be in front of a PC.  
- Mark Watts

It's great to be a part of this songwriting community and share our work. It's a place to meet other creative people like myself and be inspired to continue do what we like doing: writing great lyrics and songs. 
- Nikkisha Collicutt

Songsalive! helps me with inspiration, making better songs and networking with professional songwriters, publishers and agents.
- John N.

The support that Songsalive! gives to songwriters is great. Songsalive! is a fantastic organization for songwriters.  Lots of great opportunities and ways to learn the craft and business!
- James Keen

The spirit and energy of Songsalive! is great.  And genuine desire to help songmakers find avenues of expression and income is terrific. 
-Sabrina and Craig

Great place to network to promote the love and business of music.
-Susan B.

If you write songs, and would like to hear what other songwriters do,and get a cross section of good solid ideas for you and your music,this is an excellent way to see if others enjoy your music,and get helpful ideas to improve it.
- Bobby Ray K.

Songsalive! is a valuable network to anyone who wants to perform, create and work in the music industry"
Anna Gosset Johnson

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If you're serious about your songwriting, Songsalive! is the perfect community for you. Join today and start taking your songwriting to the next level!

Sign up month to month to try us out, or save by joining for the year.  CHOOSE A PLAN BELOW for MONTH-TO-MONTH or YEARLY Membership.

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